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All of our apps integrate and work seamlessly with G Suite for Education as well as personal Gmail accounts.

About Us

Our focus is to develop apps, add-ons and custom code for educators that are fully compatible with G Suite for Education.


We take security and privacy very seriously and take additional steps to ensure that your data is protected.


Our apps have no advertising, no tracking of users and all data is stored on your G Suite account.  Your data is never transferred to us or any other external service. For complete details please see our privacy policy.

Over 2 Million Users of Our Apps!

We are proud to announce that our app, GradeBook for Google Sheets & Classroom,

has over 1 Million users!

*As of March 1, 2020, GradeBook (1,050,000+ users), Grade Reports (940,000+ users), Reports for Gmail (250,000+ users)

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