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Easy to Use!

GradeBook for Google Sheets and Classroom helps you quickly enter grades for your courses, generate individual and entire course reports, as well as email grades to your students.  This app is for educators that want a simple way to enter their course grades, generate and email reports.




  • Full Integration with Google Classroom
  • GradeBook types: total points, standard weighting, category weighting
  • Beautiful student and course reports created with Google Docs that can be printed or emailed to students and guardians.  You can also include Include anecdotal observations in your reports.
  • Easily duplicate/copy GradeBooks for use in future courses (i.e. keep assignments or students)
  • Support for students on a modified curriculum (i.e. change total marks for a student)
  • Performance Indicator:  A visual way to see how a student is doing. Shades of green mean a high grade and shades of red mean a low grade.
  • Statistics: A statistics page that includes course average, course median, and grading distribution

Getting Started:

It is important to not add/delete/change columns and rows. Everything should be done from the menu option: Add-ons > GradeBook for Sheets & Classroom

Creating a new GradeBook:

From the menu: Add-ons > GradeBook > Create New GradeBook. Here you can enter your course details such as course code, course name, course period, teacher name, school name, and school number. Once the GradeBook has been created a link will be shown, click the link. 

Adding Students:

In your GradeBook you can start entering your student names (and student numbers) under the Students section. 

Adding Assignments:

From the menu: Add-ons > GradeBook > Evaluations. Here you can start entering your evaluation date, total marks, and weight. Below this you can enter each students grade for the evaluation. 

Adding Emails:

From the menu: Add-ons > GradeBook > Emails. Here you can start entering student (and parent) emails. When sending emails you can choose which emails to send from this screen, select YES beside the email. You can also use SELECT ALL and CLEAR ALL in cells G6 and I6. 

Adding Student Comments:

From the menu: Add-ons > GradeBook > Comments. Here you can add anecdotal comments about your students. These will be displayed on all reports even those emailed to students. 

Overriding Grades:

From the menu: Add-ons > GradeBook > Override. Sometimes you want a different grade to appear on reports (bump up or down), you can enter the new grade here. 

Generating Reports:

From the menu: Add-ons > GradeBook > Reports. Here you can generate 2 different reports. Individual reports will display a detailed summary of each students grades. You can choose which students in column M. You can also use SELECT ALL and CLEAR ALL in cell M6. Course report will display a summary of the class grades. Email report will send emails to students that you have chosen in the email screen. 


From the menu: Add-ons > GradeBook > Sort. Here you can sort by student number, student name, or student grade. Do not sort any other way as this could misalign data. 

Check Emails Remaining:

From the menu: Add-ons > GradeBook > Check Emails Remaining. Google (not GradeBook) limits the amount of emails that can be sent each day, you can check to see how many you have remaining here.

Additional Features

  • Email: Quickly select all students or choose individual students to send email reports.  You can also customize the email subject/message that is sent. Note: If you are using a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account you can choose  to have your email shown as “” otherwise your gmail will be shown in the from line of the email.
  • Courses: You can create as many courses as you require.
  • Multiple views and sorting options.
  • GradeBooks are stored securely on your Google Drive with complete revision history so you can see all the changes you have made and revert to earlier versions if needed.  No data is every transferred outside of your Google Drive.