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Presence for Meet - 1 Year License

Domain Install Only.

Please contact for more information.

The Presence for Meet add-on can easily import and record Google Meet attendance including integration with Google Classroom.


For a complete list of features please see our user guide.


How it works:


1. Import students from your Google Classroom or you can manually enter their names and emails into the Google Sheet template that is created for you.

2. Enter your Google Meet code into the Google Sheet.

3. Update Attendance That's it! Presence for Meet will automatically record attendance including total time student was in the meet. It also keeps a running total. Taking attendance for Google Meets is now incredibly easy!

Presence for Meet - 1 Year License

  • Pricing

    The price listed above for Presence for Meet is per domain per year

    The license options above allow any user in your domain to use the app up to the maximum amount purchased.  For example, if you select 100 licenses, up to 100 users in your domain can use the app.  



    30 days from date of purchase: Full money back, no reason needed refund policy.

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