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Oct 26, 2018

Latest Versions of Our Apps

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  • When will we get the final version? The current version has a bug. Only Two terms plus a final term appear despite the fact that the settings claim that up to 6 terms can be inserted.
  • I gave a quiz and some kids didn't do so well. I let them correct the quizzes, and I want to exempt the original quiz score and add a new assignment for the corrected quiz. The trouble is, I've had several assignments that I've entered into the grade book since the first version of the quiz. I'd like the original score and corrected score to be side by side in the spreadsheet. Is this a possibility? I used to use Powerschool and it did that automatically. Whatever date you entered for the assignment determined where it showed up in the spreadsheet.
  • We have 3 instructors at our Nursing School. Purchase Method #1: When purchasing the lifetime license should I make 3 separate cart entries, adding each to my Cart by individual email address or Purchase Method #2: should I list all emails on a single purchase separated by commas? My goal is that each instructor will have access to her own gradebooks as well as have access to view other instructor's gradebooks. As the administrator, I would like the ability to view and edit all gradebooks from all instructors. Will I also need a license and should I use method 1 or method 2 from above? Thank you George Evans