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Aug 12

Syncing Grade Categories

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Is there a way to sync grade categories with the assignment from Classroom to the Gradebook?

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  • Is there a way to sort by Topic? For example, if I want to separate math strands in my Gradebook?
  • When classes with multiple teachers in Classroom attempt to sync a gradebook, we receive an error: Error: Import unsuccessful: Exception: You are trying to edit a protected cell or object. Please contact the spreadsheet owner to remove protection if you need to edit. –  Hide error details –  at Classroom Import v2 (GradeBook for Google Sheets and Classroom):295 (updateBook_v2) Is there something we can amend to the Sheet to affect who can sync the Sheet with the Classroom?
  • Newly added Features: GradeBook for Google Sheets and Classroom has a new template, total points! This is a much requested feature as there are no categories, no weighting, just adding up total points to generate a final grade. Google Classroom import is now compatible with all GradeBook types Copy GradeBook feature: now you can keep all your assignments or all your students for use in a new course or new term GradeBook. Please make sure you have the latest version to see these new features: