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Mar 8

Category Weight vs. Assignment Weight



I am having troubles with the weighting of both my categories and assignments. For my total grade I have a category that is 5% (entered under the Settings tab). When I create the assignment and put the weight as 1 (I want all assignment of that category type to be weighted equally), it calculates it as being 10% of my total grade instead of 5%. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


I've attached a video to explain a bit better.


Hi Candice,


The reason is because not all categories are being used in your GradeBook. From your video it looks like you have entries for:


15% Quizzes

30% Tests

5% Qad


This adds up to 50% of the course. In this case each category is now worth double (to get to 100%), hence the 10% difference when a mark of 0 is given in the QaD category.


Once all categories are used in your GradeBook you will see that Qad will be 5%.

I kind of wondered about that after I posted and played with the numbers a bit more. Thanks for the prompt reply!

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