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Jan 11

Error Running Course Grade Reports and Student Grade reports


All of my gradebooks are having issues running reports. It replaces the student name with their current grade and says they have a 0 in the course report and says they have a 0 and no grades have been entered yet in the student report.

Jan 11

Hello Leslie. I can assume that your GradeBook is corrupted. Did you remove/change any columns? You can create a new GradeBook and try again or you can share it with me and I can take a look and try to figure out what is wrong with it.

Who does she share it with? I'm her coworker and will be the one to do everything for her. She just created the grade book, and I had her create a new one when the issue started happening. Its happening with all of her current grade books. She has not changed anything or deleted anything.

Jan 11Edited: Jan 11

All GradeBooks that you have sent to us were modified. Column B supposed to be the "Number" column and it was deleted from all GradeBooks that's why you are experiencing this issue.



There are two options to solve this issue:

1. Revert the GradeBook to the previous stage by opening the GradeBook and clicking File -> Version History -> See version History and pick the version that has the B column as "Number"

2. Create a new GradeBook, import students from the Classroom and run the report again

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