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Jan 10

Generating Report Error Not All Students Included


Only half of my class is being included in my reports and the other half is non existent. Help??

Jan 10


Did you included all students in the report? (Set YES in column M). How many students do you have?

Jan 10

Thank you. I can see that you have too many students without names. I can assume that those ones should not be included into the report. There are two options:

1. Sort student list by name. Go to Add-ons -> GradeBook for Google Sheets & Classroom -> Sort -> Sort by Student Name

2. Select NO in column M to all students without names

and then generate the report

@Gdev apps Amazing it worked thank you! Also when importing students via google classroom can you do this action twice? For example if you have a student enter your class a month into the semester?

Jan 10

@Danielle Scime - Rick Hansen SS (2542) Every time when a new student enters a class you have to update the Gradebook, you have to execute import again. During the import students will be sorted by name so you do not have to run sort action twice. Is that was your question?

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