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Oct 15

Importing grades no longer working, Categories disappeared


Hi there,

This has happened to me twice. I opened my gradebook and categories such as "weight" and "total marks" have suddenly disappeared from my assignments, and as a result when I try to import grades from Classroom, I get this error message:

Error: Import unsuccessful: Exception: The number of columns in the data does not match the number of columns in the range. The data has 313 but the range has 312.


Do I need an update? I can't afford to keep losing my grades!


Oct 15

Hello Erin,


Apparently, some of your columns/rows have been deleted. Do you remember last time it worked fine? You can open your GradeBook and click File -> Version History -> See Version History or hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H and on the right you will see a list of different version of this document sorted by date and time. Pick the version you think should be the working one and click "Restore this version" on the very top of the page.

Thank you! I did this and it worked, though I had to go farther back than I thought I would. Still not sure what caused it to happen, though.

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