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Dec 6, 2018

Remove Category Weighting?


I set up my Gradebook for multiple classes using category weights, but didn't realize that I actually don't want the weights in there. Is there a way to remove the weighting, or do I need to create new gradebooks and enter all the data again? Thanks in advance!

Dec 7, 2018

A possible solution:


-Create 1 category worth 100% of the course, you can call it anything (in the settings sheet)

-Set all assignments to this category

-on the settings sheet (row 16) change Categories - Student Report Sort by to: Date or Title (This will ensure no categories appear on reports)


This essentially removes category weighting since all assignments will be in the same category.

I set up a gradebook, started entering grades, etc., and now realized that I want to do Category Weighting instead of Standard Weighting. Where is the setting to change that? I don't see it in the Settings sheet anywhere.

Unfortunately you will have to create a new GradeBook. Each GradeBook has its own calculations based on the type. If you are using Google Classroom you can re-import all of your information.

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