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Reports for Gmail


Consolidate emails into a nicely organized Google Doc.


Useful for teachers who would like to have a record of emails regarding their students.

  Full integration with Gmail 




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Why use Reports for Gmail?


Gmail generally does a good job of organizing your email threads however it can be useful to have everything in an email thread organized in a Google Doc.  Here are some examples: 


Example: Teacher Logs

In education accountability is a very important process by which teachers and administrators give a regularly updated account of student progress.  One of the most common ways is through email communication with parents and guardians. 


The problem is when it comes time to share this information, for example at a parent / teacher conference, searching through emails can be a frustrating task.  Reports for Gmail helps to solve this problem by organizing email threads into a neatly organized Google Doc.


Here is an example of a generated sample parent / teacher email report:


Sample Report

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